Q: Will Core Connections teachers need to attend professional learning to buy licenses for this curriculum?

A: While it is not required, we strongly encourage it. The curriculum includes some new elements and new framing that teachers should experience during a learning event facilitated by CPM’s professional learning team. 

Q: What will CPM’s professional learning support look like for teachers and districts?

A: Professional learning support for Inspiring Connections will look similar to how it looks for the Core Connections series. There is a Foundations for Implementation professional learning series focused on the elements of Inspiring Connections.

Q: How will professional learning be scheduled for Inspiring Connections?

A: Professional learning will be offered both virtually and in-person at regional sites and a national site, with sessions hosted both during the summer and throughout the school year. A district or school is always welcome to reach out to their Regional Professional Learning Coordinator to discuss how to best meet their site’s needs.

Q: Will virtual professional learning sessions be live synchronous modules with asynchronous exercises/reflections to complete?

A: The preference is for teachers to attend live, in-person professional learning events. Practices like working on VNPSs are harder to replicate virtually, although they can be done. There will eventually be asynchronous modules for Inspiring Connections as well.

On-demand (virtual, asynchronous) modules about a range of related topics (such as translanguaging and building on equity) are still available.