Q: Pilot Pricing

A: Because the multimodal nature of Inspiring Connections creates a need for shipping physical materials, pilots for this series are different from those of Core Connections. Pilot districts will be charged a fee, not a deposit, and the costs will not be applied to future purchases.

Q: Will Classroom Resource Kits be available for pilots?

A: CPM will offer full Classroom Resource Kits for purchase as part of a full-year pilot, one per course with the resources needed for that specific course. The Algebra Tiles Class Set manipulatives are used for multiple courses, and only one is needed per classroom, so the Algebra Tiles Class Set is ordered separately.

Q: How will samples work?

A: CPM can supply a sample Mathematician’s Notebook, sample teacher view, and table of contents with 2-week access. 

Q: Are the sample tests the same as or similar to Core Connections

A: Some Inspiring Connections sample tests are available. They represent a significant upgrade from the Core Connections sample assessments: each item is tied directly to a student-facing standard. A rubric is attached to provide actionable feedback to students rather than simply a score, and questions have been aligned to new tools and approaches.