Q: Can teachers record their own notes in the Inspiring Connections digital platform?

A: Yes, teachers can add their own notes on the digital platform, similar to putting thoughts on sticky notes and sticking them in your binder next to the lesson.  

Q: What’s the plan for assessment within Inspiring Connections?

A: Currently, every chapter in the Inspiring Connections courses has a sample individual assessment and a sample team challenge, both PDF and (editable) Google Doc versions. 

Inspiring Connections includes assessment cluster information, which shows where a standard was taught and where it shows up on the sample assessments.

Additionally, teachers can access the current assessment site to search problems based on standards addressed, and every Inspiring Connections lesson lists the standards it addresses. 

Q: Is there a Parent Guide for Inspiring Connections courses?

A: Not at this time. The Parent Guide for the Core Connections series developed after Core Connections was introduced as a response to specific support needs. Any Parent Guide for Inspiring Connections will likely follow the same path. 

Q: Is Homework Help embedded in the digital books like it is in the Core Connections eBooks? Will there be Homework Help?

A: Not at this time. That feature will be considered at a later date.

Inspiring Connections teachers currently have the ability to toggle the Reflection & Practice answers on and off to assist with self-assessment and feedback on the homework. Homework Help for this series may eventually work in a similar way.

Q: Is there an option for a screen reader within the digital platform?

A: The digital platform is built to be compatible with screen readers, allowing students to use the screen reader software they are most comfortable with. A third-party accessibility audit was completed in fall 2023, and the digital platform developers are finalizing updates that will maintain a WCAG AA or better rating for the Inspiring Connections curriculum series. 

Q: Are there eTools?

A: The current eTools are available to Inspiring Connections users and easily accessed as global resources within the digital platform. There are also a variety of digital activities embedded within the lessons to support learning, including card sorts and interactive graphs and tables.

Q: What about eWorkspace, formative assessments, and grading?

A: With Inspiring Connections, we emphasize the Mathematician’s Notebook as a core means of capturing student work. Hence, the role of eWorkspace as a generic way to submit work for assessment, such as with a whiteboard, image uploading, text entry, etc., is not a feature of Inspiring Connections

Q: Is there any plan for a Learning Management System integration?

A:. The digital platform supports all LTI-compliant LMS options, including Canvas, Moodle, Schoology, Blackboard, etc.

CPM will support both LTI 1.1 and LTI Advantage (LTI 1.3) specifications. LTI 1.3 supports broader functionality such as selecting the specific Inspiring Connections lesson to embed within the LMS lesson page.

Q: Is there a printed teacher’s edition?  

A: In this multimodal series, care and attention have been given to ensure that Inspiring Connections provides what teachers need to prepare and plan for a lesson. Much of what you would find in a printed teacher’s edition can be found in the Plan tab of a lesson in CPM’s digital platform.

At this time, you do have the option to ‘Export Notes,’ which enables you to select parts of the lesson that you would like to print, including the Authors’ Vision, Reminders, and My Notes.  

Q: Will Spanish translations be available for the Mathematician’s Notebook and the Digital Platform?  

A: Yes, they will be available at a later date. 

Q: Can teachers access the digital platform if the internet is down?  

A: An internet connection is required to access the digital platform. Upcoming enhancements will provide the ability to cache lessons for offline use; however, interactive features such as pacing and virtual random team generation, and large media files will continue to require an internet connection.  

Q: How is this accessible for my IEP/educationally identified students?  

A: CPM has always followed the research on the best ways to support student learning. This includes all students. Woven into the materials are universal instructional supports including Study Team and Teaching Strategies, math language routines, competencies for culturally responsive pedagogy, and strategies to encourage deeper thinking and promote a growth mindset.