Q: Does Inspiring Connections provide digitally enhanced lessons?

A: For this multimodal series, digital activities are an important component. We thoughtfully include elements of technology that enhance the student learning experience. As technology evolves, we will substitute new digital activities in ways that best support and fit CPM pedagogy.

Additionally, you can expect ongoing investigations into other technology integrations that could support the curriculum in the future.

For directions on using the digital platform, review the IC Curriculum Digital Platform

Q: What technology is required for Inspiring Connections?

A: Because technology provides one of the venues, currently, students must have access to devices and be connected to the internet to use Inspiring Connections. The ratio of students to devices should be 2:1 or 4:1. We do not recommend 1:1, because collaboration is one of our key pillars.

Minimum Technical Requirements for the adoption of CPM’s digital platform:

  • Each classroom should have at least one device (tablet or computer) per four students and one device per teacher.

  • Each classroom should have a device with the ability to project images or videos and play sound.

  • Schools should have consistent, high-speed internet access.

  • All devices should run a current version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. 

  • Javascript, cookies, and web sockets must be enabled on teacher and student devices.

  • The following domains must be whitelisted: