As participants complete CPM Professional Learning events, they are automatically sent a Certificate of Completion. Certificates are sent to the teacher’s email for their CPM account around 8 pm PT on the day of completion. This certificate indicates the appraised hours for completion and can be forwarded, or printed to give, to anyone requiring proof of completion or attendance.


There are two ways to download your Certificate of Completion:

  1. If all a participant needs is to download their certificate, they can go through their Profile and under Miscellaneous there is a link to "My Certificates" - this is a page with all of their certificates. Please view this tutorial for detailed steps.

  2. To download the certificate and/or share your record, participants need to enter the Professional Learning Portal, click on their name or picture in the upper left-hand corner and select “My CPM PL Record” from the drop-down menu.

You will see a list of all of your enrolled Live Events (in-person or virtual) and On-Demand Modules. To get a list of these enrolled events, click print in the top left. To obtain your Certificate of Completion, click on the name of the Learning Event or On-Demand Module on the left to get a list of all the activities within that event. The last item in the list is your Certificate of Completion. Click to download it as a pdf. You may also print this list of activities or send it as a link to someone, such as an administrator.

For Live Events, a Certificate of Completion is issued for a set of live events (i.e. the three summer days, six virtual sessions, or the single fall follow-up event, etc.). These certificates are dependent upon the participant entering the attendance code they were given at the end of the event to record their attendance.


For On-Demand Modules a Certificate of Completion is issued upon their completion.


For example, for the Foundations for Implementation Series, a Certificate of Completion is issued as outlined on Page 2 of the Professional Learning Progression.

Summer Live Events: Virtual Sessions 1-6 or Days 1-3.

Summer On-Demand Modules: Introduction to Foundations, Instructional Module 1, Instructional Module 2, Instructional Module 3, the Course Content Module 1, Course Content Module 2.

Fall Live Events: Virtual Session 7 & Virtual Session 8 or Day 4.

Fall On-Demand Modules Instructional Module 4, the Course Content Modules*.

Spring Live Events: Virtual Session 9 & Virtual Session 10 or Day 5. 

Spring On-Demand Modules: Instructional Module 5, the Course Content Modules*. 

*Throughout the school year they will receive a Certificate of Completion for completing each of their remaining Course Content Modules.