As participants complete CPM Professional Learning events, they are automatically sent, via their CPM account email, a Certificate of Completion. Certificates are sent around 8 pm PT on the day of completion. This certificate indicates the hours completed and can then be forwarded or printed to give to anyone requiring proof of completion or attendance.

To download the certificate again, participants need to go to the event or module and click on Certificate of Completion (typically, the last element in the module). Please retain your Certificate of Completion, it will not remain available beyond the current year.

For in-person or virtual sessions a Certificate of Completion is issued for a set of synchronous events (i.e. the 3 summer days, or 6 virtual sessions, or the single fall follow-up event, etc.). These certificates are dependent upon the participant entering the attendance code they were given at the end of the event to mark their attendance as present.

For asynchronous modules a Certificate of Completion is issued upon their completion.

For example the Foundations for Implementation Series, a Certificate of Completion is issued in the summer for: Virtual Sessions 1-6 or Days 1-3, asynchronous Introduction to Foundations, Instructional Module 1, Instructional Module 2, Instructional Module 3, their asynchronous Course Content Module 1, Course Content Module 2. In the fall for: Virtual Session 7 & Virtual Session 8 or Day 4, asynchronous Instructional Module 4. In the spring for: Virtual Session 9 & Virtual Session 10 or Day 5, and asynchronous Instructional Module 5. Throughout the school year they will receive a Certificate of Completion for completing each of their remaining Course Content Modules (choice out of any 4 additional asynchronous Content Modules).

Please see Page 2 of the Professional Learning Progression.