Test/Quiz will not Download to Local Computer:

1. Does this only happen on school computers or through a school account? Or does it happen at home on a personal computer as well? If the issue only occurs at school, please notify your school or district's IT manager.

2. Try this: create a “test” test, made up of problems with NO equations and NO graphics. Search through and find a few of those types of problems (remember: no equations and no graphics) and save the “test.” Try downloading that one. If it downloads, that indicates that your site has a “timeout” security measure. These “timeout” walls stop the downloading when it perceives it as taking too long. With equations and graphics, it can take longer to download. If you can download the test that has no equations nor graphics, you will need to talk to your IT department about making the “timeout” longer to allow you to download your tests. Or, you can download at home.

Invalid Request:

Sometimes when teachers log into the assessment site or try to create an assessment, they receive an "Invalid request" message. 

We have seen this particular problem show up and we are still trying to debug this problem. 

However, what seems to fix the situation for most people is to completely log out of both the assessment site and the eBook, close your browser, and clear your cache. Then begin again. This usually makes that “invalid request” error go away. 

Please give this a try. If it still persists, check if it happens on both a home computer and school computer. Some schools have security features such as firewalls that cause problems with the site. If it only happens on one computer and not the other, it is probably a security feature on your home computer or on your school computer that will need to be adjusted on your end.

Cannot Access the Assessment Site

Sometimes teachers cannot access the assessment site. There might be several reasons for this.

1. Check with your school/district's site administrator. This is the person who issued your eBook to you and they might have identified you as a student in the system. Students do not have access to the assessment site. If you also have a student version of the eBook, you might be trying to log into that account. So, log out  and log in again using your teacher email and information.

2. Log into your eBook and look for the CPM Assessment link at the top bar under CPM Links. This should take you directly to  the CPM Assessment site.  

3. Make sure you are using an up to date browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. We do not support Internet Explorer.

4. Your school may not have white listed the CPM Assessment Site and is blocking it.  Try accessing the site from home.  If you can access the site from home, talk to your school or district IT manager to white list the site.