The following are Acronyms for the CPM Courses:

NOTE: An 'S' at the end of any of these courses acronyms indicate a Spanish version.

Core Connections Courses

Advanced and Accelerated Courses
CC1Core Connections, Course 1
CALC3Calculus Third Edition
CC2Core Connections, Course 2

CALCCalculus Second Edition
CC3Core Connections, Course 3

PC3Precalculus Third Edition
CCACore Connections Algebra
PCTPrecalculus with Trigonometry (2nd ed)
CCA2Core Connections Algebra 2
CCGCore Connections Geometry
ACC6Core Connections Accelerated 6th Grade
INT1Core Connections Integrated I
ACC7Core Connections Accelerated 7th Grade
INT2Core Connections Integrated II

CCAACore Connections Compressed Accelerated 7th Grade
INT3Core Connections Integrated III

CCAA8Core Connections Compressed Accelerated 8th Grade

Connections Courses

Core Connections Compressed Accelerated Integrated 8th Grade
MC1Making Connections 1

MC2Making Connections 2

ACAlgebra Connections

GCGeometry Connections

A2CAlgebra 2 Connections