The following are Acronyms for the CPM Courses:

NOTE: An 'S' at the end of any of these courses acronyms indicate a Spanish version.

Advanced and Accelerated Courses

CALC3Calculus Third Edition

CALCCalculus Second Edition

PC3Precalculus Third Edition

Core Connections Courses
PCTPrecalculus with Trigonometry (2nd ed)
CC1Core Connections, Course 1
CC2Core Connections, Course 2
ACC6Core Connections Accelerated 6th Grade
Core Connections, Course 3

ACC7Core Connections Accelerated 7th Grade
CCACore Connections Algebra

CCAACore Connections Compressed Accelerated 7th Grade
CCA2Core Connections Algebra 2
CCAA8Core Connections Compressed Accelerated 8th Grade
CCGCore Connections Gemoetry
Core Connections Compressed Accelerated Integrated 8th Grade
INT1Core Connections Integrated I

Connections Courses

INT2Core Connections Integrated II
MC1Making Connections 1
Core Connections Integrate III
MC1Making Connections 2

Support Course
ACAlgebra Connections
I&IInspirations & Ideas
GCGeometry Connections

A2CAlgebra 2 Connections