Is there an opportunity for student self-assessment?

  • Checkpoints Throughout the text, key homework problems have been identified as “checkpoints” for determining if students are building skills at the expected level.
    Checkpoint problems are designed to support students in taking responsibility for the development of their own skills. Because mastery is expected at this point, it is the students responsibility to determine if they have mastered the skill or if they need more practice. When students find that they need help with these problems, worked examples and practice problems are available in the Checkpoint Problems section at the back of their book. Students should be encouraged to use these materials as well as to arrange for help or tutoring outside of class time.

  • Closure  The What Have I Learned section in the chapter closure provides a set of problems for students to solve and check their level of understanding. It is expected that students can do and understand these problems at this point. Solutions are provided, as well as where students can find help and further practice on the  topics they find challenging. This is a place for students to compare what they do know with what they are expected to know.

  • Parent Guides with Extra Practice  CPM provides a Parent Guide with Extra Practice for all Core Connections courses in English and Spanish.The Parent Guides with Extra Practice provides an alternative explanation of key ideas along with additional practice problems and answers.  These are available as a pdf located in the Reference tab under Student Support in your student's eBook.  The Parent Guide with Extra Practice can also  be purchased at: .