How does CPM help support teachers in addressing the needs of the English Language Learners? 

  • CPM provides opportunities for students to read, write, speak, and listen. Team roles, which are a strategy used in Complex Instruction, based of the research of Elizabeth Cohen and her colleagues (Cohen & Lotan, 1997; Cohen, 1994), encourage all students to be responsible for the functioning of their team, creating equity in the classroom. 

  • Universal Access: Most lessons in the teacher materials of the Core Connections courses includes a section on Universal Access, written by ELL and SPED teachers. This section offers guidance so that teachers can further support students.

  • All Core Connections series texts are available in Spanish. The Homework Help is also available in Spanish for these courses.

  • All Core ConneceBooks have both a Spanish and English tab so that students can toggle between the two if needed.