Additional support materials are available for students.

  • For Core Connections courses, every problem in the Review/Preview section (Homework) has a link which provides an additional hint, suggested steps, and/or an occasional answer to help students struggling which that specific problem.  This help is found within each student's eBook as a link adjacent to each Review/Preview problem.

  • The Homework Help provides a variety of "help", including hints, steps, answers and/or investigative eTools. Some problems refer back to other similar problems. The "help" is designed to assist students in solving problems without necessariliy doing the work for them. 

  • Weekly Student Tips for Core Connections are found in the Student eBook Reference Tab at the left side under the Student Support Tab.

  • Checkpoint Materials with examples, practice, and answers are available.

  • Virtual manipulatives, eTools, videos, and Desmos links enrich understanding through technology.