This article describes the steps students may take to obtain a CPM eBook for the very first time. 

  1. Rostered Schools and Districts:  Contact your teacher who will let you know how to access your eBook.
  2. Manually Assigned eBooks:  First time users need to register.  Once registered, users will never need to register again for as many years they use CPM eBooks. Students simply use the same account. When they enter an Enrollment PIN, eBooks will appear in their account and on their teacher's roster no matter what year, class, or book they are using.  eBooks will expire in the student account on the date the teacher provides when setting up the class. It is important that students NOT register more than once since this would cause confusion for the student. Click the following article for step by step directions: How do You Access a CPM eBook the very first time?

These are general directions.  Your teacher may want you to register a specific way.  Always follow your teacher's instructions.