eBook Admin/Customer Admin Overview
  • There are several ways to assign teacher licenses.
    If you have several teachers you need to create and/or assign licenses to, the Faculty Enrollment PIN allows you to create one pin, then the teachers sign themselves up and choose what licenses they want.

    The second way to either create a user or add an existing user that wasn't previously associated with the district/school. When they are added, you will be prompted to assign licenses to them.

    A third way is to the Manually Assign Teacher Licenses page, which is used for adding licenses to existing teachers.

    Before doing any of these, you may want to go to the License Report and delete any license assignments for teachers that don't need books anymore.

  • For student licenses, you (or the teachers themselves) will want to create classes -- each class created will have a class enrollment pin that the students can use.

Click any of the following tutorials for step by step directions for managing CPM eBook licenses purchased by your school or district.





Faculty Enrollment PINs