All Student Textbooks come with at least a 1 year eBook license.  From 1-6 years can be purchased with the textbook. The eBooks included in your purchase have been added to your eBook Admin’s account.  These eBook licenses are available for any teacher associated with your eBook Admin’s account to assign to students. 


The eBook Admin can find all purchases and expiration dates.

1. Login at:  Scroll down to Account Management and choose one of the following:

       a. Try New eBook Licensing Report: This is the easiest access to license information.


b. ESL: Find a report in the ebook Licensing System by clicking the eBook Licensing System link. 

c. Integrated Services: Only rostered schools have license information at Integrated Services.

 Also you may make purchases online at The first time, create a user account tied to your district’s account.